Data Secure is the Trusted partner of various leading Privacy Automation solution providers. We serve as the Solutions Integration partner for organisations to facilitate, identify and integrate from a range of Privacy solutions. Our Partners and their key service offerings are as follows:


Anonos Associate

We are  Authorised Business Partner with Anonos Inc, USA for providing the state of the art solution for Lawful Borderless Data Transfer without disrupting the Data Supply chain across the international borders especially meant for EU.

The Data Embassy solution by Anonos, addresses the following issues:

  • The Schrems II ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union(CJEU) in July 2020 invalidated the Privacy Shield arrangement.  The CJEU mandated the use of Supplementary Measures to ensure equivalent protection for all SCC(Old or New) to be lawful.
  • In the final guidance released by EDPB, it clarified that the Technically Supplementary Measure means that it must travel with the Data wherever it goes.  It identified GDPR Pseudonymisation for protecting data when in use.
  • The EU Commission has mandated that the transition to the new EDPB final guidance with new SCC along with a detailed description of Technically Supplementary Measures be included by no later than December 2022.  It means that updating to new SCCs without new Technical Supplementary measure is not enough.
  • Under Clause 3 and 12 of the new SCCs, the data controllers and processors are jointly and severally liable to data subjects each of whom can seek redress in EU Courts.
  • The EU GDPR Pseudonymisation, Article 4 (5) uniquely protects data when in use.  It is compliant to Schrems II Technical Supplementary Measures and ensures that all participants in data supply chains reduce their liability and risk from unlawful processing of data.

The Data Embassy solution is based on GDPR Pseudonymisation and complies with Schrems II Technical Supplementary Measure and will ensure lawful processing of data across the international borders without disrupting the Data Supply chain.

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OneTrust Inc

Onetrust is a holistic Privacy, Security and Governance solution providing key services including

  • Assessment Automation
  • Data mapping
  • Data discovery
  • Privacy Rights
  • DSAR Robotic Automation
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Policy and Notice Management
  • Consent and Preferences
  • Mobile App Compliance
  • Cookie compliance
  • Audit Management
  • Incident management

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Trustifi Inc

Trustifi is a comprehensive email security solution providing solutions including

  • Advanced threat protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • 256 bit Military Grade Encryption

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Big ID

BigID uses advanced machine learning and identity intelligence to help organisations better protect customer and employee data at petabyte scale with the following key services:

  • Data discovery and Data inventory
  • DSAR Automation
  • Deletion Validation
  • Third Party Data Sharing
  • Data flow mapping
  • PI classification & Labelling
  • Consent Governance
  • Data Retention
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Data breach investigation

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GDPR Register

GDPR Registers

GDPR Registers is a GDPR compliance tool for privacy which provides solutions including

  • Record of processing activities
  • Customizable documentation and Shared Templates including Predefined Activity Templates, GDPR Regulator Ready Reporting ( report to the Data Protection Agency in any EU language).
  • Data Processing Agreements

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TrustArc is a comprehensive Privacy Intelligence and Technology solution providing solutions such as

  • Cookie Consent management
  • Data Inventory Hub
  • Dashboards
  • Individual Rights Manager
  • Mobile App Compliance
  • Website scanning and MOnitoring
  • Ads Compliance

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  • Compliance and marketing in harmony
  • Usercentrics is a market leader in the area of enterprise consent management platforms (CMP) and empowers companies to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users across platforms.
  • Usercentrics’ solution is easy-to-implement, fully customizable and legally compliant.
  • Partnering with agencies, technology and data protection experts across 30+ countries, Usercentrics’ intuitive and user-friendly interface, real-time monitoring, in-depth opt-in testing, on-page opt-in optimization tools and more help the world’s leading organizations to implement a transparent Consent Management Platform and achieve GDPR compliance.
  • Usercentrics Consent Management Platform  is aligned with various provisions related to Consent in Draft India PDPB 2019 and provides a comprehensive solution for managing the Consent requests of Data Principal.”

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