We would like to introduce “ Data Secure ”, a company based out of New Delhi, India, that specialises in offering the world class solutions in the areas of Privacy Enhancing Technologies for the following respective fields that constitutes various areas of “Data Privacy” solutions.
DataSecure's Privacy Automation Solutions empower organizations to automate data privacy tasks, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing data security. With cutting-edge technology, it streamlines consent management, data mapping, privacy policy updates, and user rights requests, fostering user trust and efficient data protection practices.
  • India Personal Data Protection Act 2019
  • Secure E-mail Solution with 256 bit
    Military Grade Encryptionk
  • Records of Processing Activities(GDPR Article 30)
  • Compliance & Risk
  • eDiscovery of PII/SPII, Data Classification Privacy Management, PIA/DPIA
  • Consent Management Platform for Websites & Apps
  • Privacy related Legal Research
A CMP is a software tool that manages user consents for personal data processing, helping organizations comply with data protection regulations and explicit consent is obtained. DataSecure's Consent Management Platform (CMP) offers a comprehensive and user-centric approach to data protection, helping organizations build trust with their users while ensuring compliance with global data regulations like GDPR,DPDP ACT - 2023
A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a formal request made by an individual (the data subject) to an organization, seeking access to the personal data that the organization holds about them. DSARs are a fundamental right under data protection regulations, enabling individuals to review, verify, and obtain a copy of their personal information for transparency and control over their data. DataSecure's Data Subject Access Rights Solutions streamline data subject requests, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting sensitive information. With transparency and user empowerment in mind, businesses can efficiently handle access requests while maintaining data security. By leveraging DataSecure's Data Subject Access Rights Solutions, build stronger relationships with users
Data Mapping is a comprehensive data intelligence process that automatically discovers, classifies, and maps personal and sensitive data across an organization's data landscape. By providing real-time insights into data usage, DataSecure's Data Mapping helps businesses effectively manage data privacy, comply with regulations, and mitigate data-related risks.This enhanced visibility aids in complying with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, and empowers organizations to make informed data-driven decisions. With DataSecure's Data Mapping Solutions, organizations can proactively manage data privacy risks, optimize data usage, reinforcing user trust and data protection standards. DataSecure's Data Mapping Solutions: Guiding data governance and compliance with precision."
Data Classification is the process of systematically organizing and categorizing data based on its sensitivity, importance, or criticality to an organization. By labeling data according to predefined criteria, data classification enables businesses to implement appropriate security measures, ensure regulatory compliance, and effectively manage their data assets. DataSecure's Data Classification Solutions empower organizations to gain full control and insight into their data, enabling them to effectively categorize and label sensitive information. With an intelligent and automated approach, DataSecure's solutions assist businesses in identifying and classifying data based on its sensitivity, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and reducing the risk of data breaches.
A Privacy Portal is a secure online platform that allows individuals to exercise their data privacy rights and manage their personal data preferences. It empowers users to access, review, modify, or delete their data, as well as manage consent settings, providing transparency and control over how their information is used by organizations. DataSecure's Privacy Portal Solutions empower organizations to establish a user-centric approach to data privacy, offering individuals a seamless and transparent way to manage their personal data. With an intuitive and customizable portal, DataSecure enables businesses to enhance user trust, comply with data protection regulations, and uphold their commitment to data privacy.